Memories of Concert Dance in China

Image of Concert Dance and the Dragon

In the New York Times, I see an article dated October 10, 2021. The headline says, “China Flexes Power over Taiwan”. This island has moved to the heart of tensions between our two countries. Could it really come to war? It’s been 12 years since I traveled to China with my company, Concert Dance. We […]

Terra Cotta Soldier Dance

As I view the dancers in the video below, I’m struck by their generosity and skill. Jorge on the right of the screen and Garrent on the left are learning a dance titled “The Terracotta Soldier” from the Chinese dancer in the center (for more about the Chinese Terra Cotta Army of soldiers go to […]

The Missing Coffee Cup

dancer with leg held high

Unfortunately, my efforts to communicate on this trip were less successful. Each day, our group and our Chinese hosts ate our meals together in the campus hotel dinning room, where we were staying. The meals were generally the same each day. Mysteriously non-western, with mostly unrecognizable ingredients. Most of the company were open to trying […]

What time is the show?

Chinese dancer leaping

The days in the studio flew by. The university cameras captured every step of our dancing, and our hosts  asked for copies of our music. This violates copyright laws and is illegal in the United States, but I learned that the Chinese venerate their teachers by copying them exactly. Anything put “out there” for all […]

“Pay for towels”

a leaping dancer

The day after the concert was our final day. I woke to some angry talk coming from down the hall, I went to investigate. I quickly found out it was a problem related to something we did the previous day before the performance. When we entered the theater that morning it was already 90 degrees […]