Day of the Rope: Molly Maquires Message of Courage

Kathy singing Irish Ballads about the Molly Maquires

For months, as we worked together, Kathy Cowen, my collaborator and friend, sang me songs about the Irish coming to America, where they found work in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. She sang of the Molly Maquires who were hanged in the town of Mauch Chunk for rebelling against the dangerous and unfair working conditions […]

Molly Maquires at the Mauch Chunk Opera House

Picture of Mauch Chunk Opera House where the Day of the Rope dance premiered

“It would be great if you made a dance about the coal miners from this town,” Dan said. The miners he was referring to were known as the “Molly Maquires” and the town is Jim Thorpe PA, or Mauch Chunk as the locals call it. “We could pack the opera house,” he was visibly enthused. […]